Research & White Papers

BearDen Solutions subject matter specialists are also avid explorers not afraid of tackling new and sticky problems.

We develop research papers to open up ideas for exploration. We begin these journeys with an open mind and do not know what the outcome or results will be. We let the data and investigation drive the results of the research and present our conclusions based on our findings and analysis.

Our research, mostly is focused around the services areas we work in, but not necessarily exclusive to these areas. We are currently focused on research in acquisition, finance, program and project management, technology, and training.

In addition, we write and develop white papers  to share our own practical insights and knowledge. These are not studies, but rather present our point of view on topics of interest in our services areas. These are often written based on issues we hear about again and again in speaking to clients, business partners, or among ourselves.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss current or future research or white papers developed by BearDen Solutions.